DeLaJoy's Leave In Dandruff Rinse  


Experience the Joy of Dandruff Relief! 

Enjoy the joy of dandruff relief!

"Dandruff isn't sexy," That's what our Marketing Reperasentative said.  No it is not sexy, that's why this product was created! Dandruff is embarrassing and I had it bad!  Necessity is truly the mother of invention!  My partner and I searched for years for a product that would reduce or rid ourselves and clients of dandruff!  We tried many over the counter products, as well as prescribed products, but were just not satisfied.  Not willing to just continue to live with a multitude of pesky flakes, we researched natural products, experimented on clients as well as ourselves, and found a natural wonder!  Apply DeLaJoy's Leave In Dandruff Rinse after shampooing your hair.  The Leave in Rinse  begins to combat dandruff the minute you apply it.  Try it, you will be pleased to see a dramatic reduction in flakes.  Our Leave In Dandruff Rinse really works! We plan to develop many more natural and healthy hair products, but for now, we only have our one tried and true product.  If you have severe dandruff, the only thing that you have to loose is dandruff flakes! Experience the joy of dandruff relief! It worked for me;I know that it will work for you too!